The $100,000 Hair Project

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We support a ministry in Guatemala called Fe Viva World Missions. Kim & Lynn Weiler are the founders of this ministry, and God has used them & their team to transform communities in Guatemala, Nicaragua, and other nations! 

Fe Viva is launching a new project – they are going to build a soccer field and convention centre at their base in Guatemala. The soccer field will be used by people in the surrounding communities, free of charge. The convention centre is going to be used as a gathering place for pastors from all over Central America – and even the world! This is a great opportunity to impact community in Guatemala!

We invite you to partner with us! Once the goal of $100,000 is reached, Pastor Terry Severson will be SHAVING OFF HIS HAIR! Anyone who knows Pastor Terry knows that he really likes his hair – but he believes in this ministry and project so much that he is willing to part with it.

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